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Banksy takes a vacation

Arian Schlichenmayer

On Instagram, the street artist Banksy has announced himself in a video to new works on the English east coast.

© Timon Studler




On Instagram in August 2021, the street art artist Banksy committed to new works on the east coast of England. The local government of the East English community of Great Yarmouth had a work of art painted over immediately. An unknown person made another one unrecognizable with white paint. Read more here.

Banksy, the street art artist, is known for his stencil graffiti. However, his identity remains unclear to this day. Recently he seems to have taken a road trip along the English east coast. In a video, the artist shows the creation of various works that had appeared in recent weeks in eastern England. Banksy makes the allusion to spraying and holidays in the title of the video: “A Great British Spraycation”.

Banksy confesses to artwork on English North Sea coast via video

The three-minute video shows a person, who is most likely Banksy, as he travels in an old camper. In between, you can see a total of eight graffiti and an installation in various scenes. Among them is the creation of a cocktail-drinking rat in a deck chair on a beach wall in Lowestoft. Shortly after people discovered the graffito, by the way, an unknown person painted over the rat extensively with white paint. As a result, the local authorities began to investigate for damage to property – but not against Bansky, but against the unknown person. Other graffiti by Banksy in Lowestoft show a seagull on a house wall, which seems to fish oversized French fries from a container or a child with a crowbar in front of a pile of sand. For this artwork Banksy also actually damaged paving stones.


Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Banksy (@banksy)

Also among the works Bansky acknowledges with the recently released video are an elderly couple dancing to the sounds of an accordion player on the roof of a bus station in Great Yarmouth, a collection of hermit crabs, one with a house holding up a sign that reads “Luxury Rentals Only,” and a grasping claw familiar from toy vending machines above a bus stop bench in Gorleston.

At Merrivale Model Village, an amusement park with a miniature village, the artist placed a custom-built barn based on the style of the other miniature buildings with the words “Banksy” and “Go big or go home.” To a statue of Frederick Savage in King’s Lynn he attached a tongue and an ice cream sundae made from a traffic pylon and construction foam.

English municipality removes artwork

While most of Banksy’s works are quickly preserved behind plexiglass panels and barriers, one of Banksy’s graffiti in Gorleston-on-Sea was removed shortly after it was discovered. It showed an adult distracted by drinking while two children floated away in an inflatable boat. It was too reminiscent of a 2018 accident when a little girl died in a trampoline accident.

More political and somehow different, but also by Banksy: the “Walled Off” hotel in Bethlehem. Read more about this work here.

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