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Recycled plastics for more sustainability

LEONHARD KURZ presents RECOPOUND®, an ideal material for manufacturing sustainable products.

RECOPOUND® (Image: Kurz)




Future-oriented gardening and landscaping require using environmentally friendly materials. LEONHARD KURZ presents RECOPOUND®, an ideal material for manufacturing sustainable products.

Robust, weather-resistant, sustainable: These requirements are a must for utensils in the garden and leisure area. As a natural material, wood is a very popular solution but has one decisive disadvantage: It is generally much less degradation resistant than, for example, stone or plastic.

high-quality pellets made from recycled plastic

Recycled plastics as a durable and sustainable alternative

Compared to wood, plastic has a significantly longer lifespan but is not considered an environmentally friendly solution. Now, LEONHARD KURZ is demonstrating new approaches to sustainable garden products. The internationally active company is the first in the plastics industry to offer a PET carrier waste return and recycling system – KURZ RECOSYS® – which allows KURZ to produce high-quality recycled pellets from production residues: RECOPOUND®. The PET compound is based on film sheets that have been recycled after processing.

A wide range of applications

From watering cans and plant pots to storage containers, sturdy crates, and raised beds: There are many possibilities for sustainable design with the help of RECOPOUND®. The material is ideally suited for robust plastic parts produced by injection molding. Thanks to optimized mechanical properties, the products are highly stable and durable. In addition, the recycled granulate is not inferior to virgin material in terms of decorative possibilities.

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One step closer to the circular economy

The most significant advantage of RECOPOUND®, however, is environmental protection. By using the new recycled material, manufacturers can save up to 40 percent carbon dioxide compared to new material, which significantly impacts the CO2 balance. In addition, the products made from it can be added back to the recycling loop.

At a glance: The advantages of RECOPOUND®

  • Up 40% CO2 savings compared to new material
  • Transparent material flows without conflict substances
  • Robust, durable products thanks to optimized mechanical properties
  • Application in many areas possible – for example, for the production of watering cans, pots, containers, or raised beds

What products would you like to use that are made of RECOPOUND®? Learn more about the sustainable material and expand your competitive advantage as a Green Leader!

all images: KURZ

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