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Los Angeles

A new agratrend has emerged in our cities on the heels of urban gardening: Urban Beekeeping. About urban beekeeping and bee activism in Los Angeles.

In Topos 101, our author Ute Strimmer reports how bee colonies accidentally settled down on the roof of the opera in Paris and how urban beekeeping has emerged as a new agratrend in our cities on the heels of urban gardening. The trend urban beekeeping is possible because bees are now able to find a more varied diet in the cities than in the country.

The push for the legalisation of urban beekeeping in L.A. began in 2011, led by the nonprofit called HoneyLove. Not before 2015, four years later, backyard beekeeping got finally legalised in Los Angeles.

Order your personal copy here and read the article about urban beekeeping by Ute Strimmer!