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Meteorite Shower

Alexander Russ

Artists Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk have installed a meteorite-like structure on a motorway in Denmark.

© Borgman Lenk

Motorways represent the promise of permanent mobility like no other infrastructural element. At the same time they also create a barrier: The divided landscape is turned into a peripheral phenomenon – a blurred image that becomes secondary to the all-important wish to rush forward. Perception within this space of rapidity is changed completely, and becomes very particular. This becomes especially clear when something unexpected appears; an obstacle. And this is exactly what artists Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk have done along a motorway in Denmark – installed a meteorite-like structure that serves as a “barrier in the barrier”.

And lo and behold, other things suddenly come to the fore again, and the speed-oriented space becomes a space in the landscape once again. The installation is part of a series entitled Wurf (throw). The two artists placed the boulder, which actually consists of a wooden frame covered in cellulose fibre, in various places in order to get people to explain the irritation they feel upon observing such an unexpected situation.

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// all photos: Borgman Lenk