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From New York With Love

Felix Baumann
New York

How can a lounger become a star on social media? The Berlin designers from J. Mayer H Architects did this by developing the simple but clever “XXX Times Square with Love” sculptures for Times Square in New York.

The X-shaped loungers are fitting perfectly into Times Square's pedestrian zone (Credit: Marsha Ginsberg)

New York’s Times Square got another attraction: The “XXX Times Square with Love”. The three X-shaped sculptures have nothing to do with the shady past of the famous place. They have the function of relaxing loungers. The designers from J. Mayer H Architects were inspired by the shape of the crossroads where the Broadway crosses 7th Avenue.

A Progress For Pedestrians

During the last years, Times Square has undergone a positive development. After it turned slowly from a red-light district with high crime rates into a touristic shopping and theatre district, the place can once again build on its glorious past. A milestone was the conversion from one of New York’s busiest crossings into a pedestrian zone in 2009, making the world-renowned crossroads finally a pleasant stay for visitors. Since then, many festivals and cultural events have taken place. Also, from time to time, Times Square functions as an exhibition place for sculptures.

XXX Times Square: More Than An Objet D’art

One of the art projects that can now be admired is the “XXX Times Square with Love”. The work of the Berlin design office J. Mayer H consists of three X-shaped loungers where visitors can relax. Each lounger can accommodate up to four people, while the legs of the “X” are slightly bevelled. Thanks to this shape, people face and can communicate with each other or just enjoy the stunning views. The name of the sculptures refers to the digital age, where greeting messages are exchanged via social media. In fact, the bright pink loungers can be quickly recognized on webcams and photographs: on average, they’re posted around 17,000 times per day on Instagram.