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Landscape Efficacy – Parco della Pace

Bianca Maria Rinaldi

Parco della Pace, former Dal Molin airport site explores the site’s past by simultaneously addressing both terrain and function.

Layers of time. Spontaneous vegetation grown on the remains of the runway. (photo: Andrea Pertoldeo)

The territories immediately surrounding ­Vicenza – where the ­large-scale Parco della Pace is being built – were reorganized by a complex strategy of landscape transformation and land reclamation in the 16th ­century in order to improve ­agriculture. Modulated by a dense network of ­canals for draining the marshy land, rows of trees and woods ­interspersed among the pattern made by fields, this historical landscape, nowadays heavily altered, played an essential role in the ­sophisticated system of relationship that the project ­establishes with the territory and its past.

From former airport site to large-scale park

Parco della Pace, designed by a multidisciplinary team led by the Milan-based office Pa+N Associati explores the site’s past by simultaneously addressing both terrain and function. While the park’s compact general composition refers to local natural features, physical forms, traditional agricultural landscape and its structure, specific design elements evoke the site’s infrastructural history (former Dal Molin airport site).

The park’s complex program combines evocations of memory and the site’s history with a process-based design, that aims at wildlife conservation and at favoring and restoring ecological processes. Both the park’s artificial topography and the water network are designed as means to integrate measures for water resources management and storm water management within the park’s design.

Designed as the ground for a peaceful co-existence of all the different species, Parco della Pace responds to the current debate in landscape architecture that calls for parks that combine aesthetic, environmental awareness, and resiliency, to address both the needs of cities, the urban population and those of the wildlife and the environment.

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The evolution of the forested areas is based on a rigid planting scheme blended with dynamic processes of re-naturalization. From above, sketches 1) and 2): year 0: 50% of the area to be forested will be planted with native trees and shrubs according to a regular grid, the other 50% will be seeded with the same species; Sketch 3): plants’ development between 2 and 5 years after first colonization; Sketch 3): after 20 years woods are fully developed (Image courtesy PAN)


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