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Reading and discussion: Border as phenomenon – space, culture, politics

The whole world is talking about borders. Whether or not globalization is to blame – border spaces and the politics of bordering dominate current political debates and have done so for quite a while, even before Donald Trump came along. Alexander Gutzmer, editorial manager of the monthly architecture magazine Der Baumeister wrote a book on the topic. He describes the different ways in which borders are reflected upon, mediatized, and instrumentalized in political ways, with the border between Mexico and the USA as prime example. He demonstrates that borders are not only misused for implementing subversive policies but also enable the creation of art with political relevance. Gutzmer will read from his book and in follow discuss his findings with Anja Koller, editor of the urban landscape magazine Topos. The recent issue of Topos is dedicated to the topic of borders, too.

Important Facts

Where: Architekturgalerie München im Bunker, Blumenstraße 22, 80331 Munich

When:  15 October 2018, 7 pm