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The Urban Promogiovani competition is aimed at students worldwide and encourages them to come up with innovative project ideas for urban renewal and sustainable urban development.

1° CLASSIFIED Project: Ringlocpark; Authors: Jonathan Stimpfle; Professor: Udo Weilacher; Technical University Munich (All rights by Jonathan Stimpfle)




For the 10th time, the “X Urban Promogiovani Award” was presented at the cultural event Urbanpromo. Urban-Promogiovani is an open competition that is addressed to students of architecture, engineering, planning and design worldwide and encourages them to find innovative solutions for urban renewal and sustainable urban development. Urbanpromo is sponsored by INU, the Instituto Nazionale di Urbanistica in Rome.

For the 10th edition, the organizers asked the young talents to hand in urban renewal projects that deal with areas that are already in existence. In addition, the projects had to focus on 2018’s core topics: urban transformation, marketing, smart cities, sustainable energy and social housing.

Winning project: Ringlocpark – Revitalisation of the Augsburg Railway District

An international jury chose the project “Ringlocpark” by Jonathan Stimpfle of the Technical University of Munich (Chair for Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape) as the winner. In his design, Stimpfle aimed to upgrade a complex urban fallow area in Augsburg, southern Germany. With said area as a starting point, he discusses the appearance of “convergent spaces” in a general, urban context: spaces that merge into each other or are even congruent. He criticizes how those homogeneous spaces become interchangeable in their appearance and do not allow for a site-specific identity. To counter this tendency, Stimpfle adds a mental and cultural level to the conventional understanding of spatial and physical spaces. For this, he takes up topics from the sociology of space.

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The southern counties of Augsburg serve as a project area. The cultural transformation of the former train station and locomotive repairs depot adds to the spatial and cultural development of a growing city with a growing pressure on land and resources. The proposed “Ringlocpark” functions as the main component of the new axis of open spaces on the Augsburg plateau while also closing the urban gap in the city’s south. Not only does Stimpfle respect the historical value of the former railroad infrastructure but also incorporates urban gardening in his design, thus fostering the emotional bond between the inhabitants and the new infrastructural area.

X Urban-Promogiovani aims to award innovative projects by promoting cooperation and knowledge sharing within the community of future professionals, so the competition is completed by a closing workshop.

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