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Competition: Elbbrücken Quarter, Hamburg, Germany

Tanja Gallenmueller

Atelier Loidl from Berlin won landscape competition for open spaces in Elbbrücken Quarter.

Open spaces for Elbbrücken Quarter © Atelier Loidl

The fifth and final competition for large open spaces in Hamburg’s HafenCity has been decided. The largest and most eastern neighbourhood in HafenCity – the Elbbrücken Quarter – will be the second urban retail and residential quarter besides Überseequartier which will comprise high-rises, water expanses on three sides and a large central square, the Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz at the far end of Baakenhafen. The neighbourhood could potentially generate 13,000 jobs and provide 1,100 homes.

Swiss architects Hosoya Schaefer from Zurich won the urban design competition in 2015. The assignment of the landscape competition, which was decided in December 2016, mainly focused on the structure and design of the public spaces. How can the Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz in the centre of the neighbourhood be structured, the level difference between street and promenade be designed, a transition to the adjacent Baakenhafen Quarter be achieved? What design quality should the neighbourhood squares and streets that cross the entire Elbbrücken Quarter have?

Atelier Loidl won landscape competition

The panel of judges concluded that Atelier Loidl from Berlin delivered the best solution and awarded them first prize. Their design allows Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz to rise from the dock at a slight incline of three percent and make the level change between the historic elevation of the quayside promenade and the street level accessible. The area comprising around 10,000 square metres is structured by flowering landscape sections: islands of shrubs, perennials and multi-stemmed trees strengthen the intuitive routing of paths across the square. A uniform herringbone paving pattern ties Amerigo-Vespucci-Platz together visually. This creates a robust urban square that provides a flexible site for events.

At its lowest point the square drops down to the water’s edge with a flight of steps, the “Hafenloge”. A network of green streets and small neighbourhood squares fans out from the central plaza through the whole quarter. The judging panel awarded second prize to the Spanish firm Arriola & Fiol from Barcelona and third prize to POLA Landschaftssarchitekten from Berlin. The teams from sinai Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH and capatti staubach Landschaftsarchitekten, both from Berlin, received special mentions.

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Open spaces for Elbbrücken Quarter © Atelier Loidl